Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How can i be bored with 17 cameras laying around?

I was sitting around last eve with nothing to i pulled out one of my Rolleiflex's, a 50's era Automat. Loaded it up with some Tri-X 400 and with camera in hand, i asked my house guest to pose for me.

I shot only one roll, 12 frames, then proceeded to lose the roll of film...i looked everywhere, finally at last resort, i looked in the trash...a fresh layer of Chinese food covered the surface, but just beneath, i saw the tell-tale orange Kodak logo...

After developing the film, i thought, however they turn out, this is so much better then losing them forever...

Rolleiflex K4b - Kodak - Tri-X 400 - 1/125 @ f/11

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