Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shooting at abandoned Supermarkets and Artesian Springs

Roarie and I set out on a shooting adventure last Monday. Our intention was to not only create some cool art images, but also do some recon for future shoots. Our first destination was a natural spring fed river, a few hours north of Tampa. We rented a canoe so we could have access to areas, outside of where the swimmers would congregate.

The river couldn't have been a more beautiful natural setting, it meandered for about 5 miles. The trees that over hung the river, provided a nice break from the mid day sun. The water however stays a consistent 73 degrees all year long, so it was a bit tough (cold) to get into, but as soon as you got used to it, it was totally  refreshing.

 The crystal clear water provided a lovely backdrop for Roarie to swim/pose against. I shot six rolls of color film/chrome, with two Nikonos V cameras. The film was sent out on tuesday, so hopefully they return midweek, next week. My underwater video camera flooded and was destroyed, but it was such a fantastic day, i didn't think twice about it.

On the way back to Tampa, we stopped at an abandoned strip mall, A huge supermarket was the obvious anchor store. It was set far enough off the main road, to provide privacy and ample time to cover if someone decided to pull in (which they did).With lots of debris, vandalism and graffiti as a setting, we tiptoed though the mess and captured some really great images, While I am not accustomed to guerilla/ninja shooting, the results exceeded my expectations.

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